Born in Africa receives Bicycles through Rotary Club in Stuttgardt, Germany

Extended thanks to Steve Staresinic of Rotary Club of Stuttgart who organised the collection of bicycles, where we assisted with the clearing of the container for Born In Africa in Plettenberg Bay. Great to see where the bicycles have been distributed. Thank you to all involved with this exciting project

Thank you About Branding CPT | JHB

Special THANK YOU to Christa and Kobus Badenhorst from About Branding CPT | JHB for the generous donation of BEN and Bike4All stickers.

Mandela Day Project 2019 – Lavender Hill High School BMX landscaping

On 2nd August 2019, we carried out our “Mandela Day Lavender Hill BMX Landscape” project.   The project was put on hold due to unrest in the area.  30 Lavender Hill learners enthusiastically came and helped plant the indigenous plants which were kindly donated by Ferndale Nurseries in Constantia.  It was a fun filled hour with lots of digging and planting.  We look forward to distributing Bike4All BMX’s in the near future.  Thanks also to Mrs Stain and her learners from Lavender Hill High for diligently cleaning up the weeds as well as assisting with planting.  Also to Goodhope Tyres Bergvliet for the old tyres, Onspaarmark for the paint, Pinelands Hardware for the paint brushes and to Afriserv Pty Ltd for the soil provided. We look forward to seeing your garden flourish!

We would like to continue building up the landscape, so if you have any plants or soil to add to this project it would be greatly appreciated. Contact

Gija Ngove Secondary School Bike4All Safety Training

Our Bike4All safety training in Limpopo came to an end on 15th August 2019! We finished off at Gija-Ngove Senior Secondary School located at Ngove Village, Giyani Limpopo. We taught 145 learners who will be receiving their Qhubeka bicycles on the Learn-to-Earn programme. What an amazing group of children with dedicated teachers. We feel blessed to have been part of this Qhubeka programme. Qhubeka Charity Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) Pedal Power Association

Bike4All Safety Training at Ndhambi High School, Ka-Mzilelan, Giyani, Limpopo

On 14th August we taught safe cycling to 180 learners from Ndhambi High School in Ka-Mzilelan, Limpopo. These learners will be receiving their Qhubeka bicycles on the 12 September 2019. What a pleasure we had to spend time with these eager to learn scholars and dedicated teachers. Enjoy receiving your bicycles on the Qhubeka “Learn-to-Earn” programme – you deserve them. Bicycles really do change lives in Limpopo. Qhubeka Charity Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) Pedal Power Association

Community Police Forum (CPF) in Giyani Limpopo

In August 2019 Community Police Forum (CPF) patrollers came together in Ka-Mzilela, Limpopo to learn safe cycling. Keep up the good work in the communities. Thank you Sargent Seko, Social Crime Prevention Officer and Warrant Officer Ricardo Khotso from the Giyani Police Department for organising the patrollers to be present. Qhubeka Charity Pedal Power Association Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) Giyani Police Station Manager giyani police station

Safety Training at Chameti High School – Giyani Limpopo – 12 Aug 2019

Bike4All team arrived at Chameti High School in Ka-Mushiyani, Limpopo to teach safe cycling on 12 August 2019. We were welcomed to find a fleet of Qhubeka bicycles neatly parked at the school, which were handed to the learners at the beginning of August. We drove through the rural areas to get to the school and it was so comforting to know that these learners no longer have to walk to school and can enjoy their new mode of transport – CYCLING. What a pleasure for us to share safe cycling with these well deserved Qhubeka “learn-to-earn” beneficiaries. Safe Cycling Chameti High School! Qhubeka Charity Pedal Power Association Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN)