PSTP on the go…..

Provincial Sustainable Transport Programme moves forward during these uncertain times, improving mobility through the use of a bicycle. Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works Pedal Power Association Qhubeka Charity

Coot Neighbourhood Watch in Mitchell’s Plain – 5 bicycles.
Oceanview Community Wellness Solutions – 5 bicycles.
Livelihoods – 25 bicycles
Khaltsha Cycles Khayelitsha- 26 bicycles
Movement for Change and Social Justice in Gugulethu – 10 bicycles
Cloudy Deliveries Colin Mkosi – 10 bicycles

The PSTP is a programme run by the Department of Transport and Public Works, and aims to improve public transport and the safety of roads and communities in the Western Cape. As part of the programmes commitment to non-motorised transport, the first year of funding will see 400 bicycles distributed

Together – moving forward!