The Heart of BEN

January 2021 – In 2008 a young boy of 3 came to Cape Town from Congo with his Father and due to circumstances he was moved to a SA Children’s Home in Cape Town. He has lived there until now, at the age 16. Although still under the auspices of the home he is going through a trial period of 6 months with his family Father, new Step Mother and Step Sisters, in Diep River. If all goes well he will be placed permanently with his Father.

This move meant that he had to change schools.  He is academically sound and is particularly fond and skilled at rugby. So, due to his attributes and after a lot of effort from lots of people at SAYes, he has attained a sponsorship at an affluent school in the southern suburbs of CT.  One of the shortfalls was transport to and from school.  We at BEN received a kind donation of a bicycle from a gentleman and felt that this was a surely a worthy beneficiary.

We wish you all the best for the future.  Enjoy your bicycle and stay safe!