Basic Skills Workshop

3rd February 2023 – The Basic Skills Workshop organised by Bicycling Empowerment Network was a resounding success, attracting a diverse group of community partners from the cycling community. The workshop covered a range of topics, including business skills, social media marketing, safe cycling practices, and hands-on bicycle mechanical training. The business sessions were especially impactful, with participants gaining valuable insights into creating and growing sustainable cycling enterprises. The social media training provided attendees with the skills they need to effectively promote their businesses online. Meanwhile, the safe cycling sessions emphasised the importance of proper road etiquette, protective gear, and bike maintenance, ensuring that everyone who attended had the knowledge they need to cycle safely. Finally, the hands-on bicycle mechanical training allowed participants to put their newly acquired skills into practice, leaving them confident in their ability to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance. All in all, the Basic Skills Workshop was a huge success, with participants leaving feeling empowered, informed, and motivated to take their cycling businesses and passion to the next level.