12 Scholars roll into a brighter future with Bicycles!

1 February 2024 – We’re thrilled to share some incredible news from Raithby primary school in Stellenbosch Rural! Thanks to our collaborative efforts with the Western Cape Government Mobility Department & Pedal Power Association, on the Provincial Sustainable Transport Programme, 12 bright scholars now have their very own bicycles!
Imagine the joy and excitement as these young minds pedal into a world of endless possibilities! Access to non-motorised transportation isn’t just about getting from point A to B – it’s about opening doors to education, health, and a future filled with opportunities.
These bicycles represent more than just wheels; they’re symbols of empowerment and freedom for these scholars. With each turn of the pedal, they’re not just riding bikes; they’re riding towards a brighter, more sustainable future!
A huge shoutout to everyone involved in making this dream a reality! Your commitment to providing access to non-motorized transportation is paving the way for these scholars to reach new heights. Let’s celebrate this milestone and continue to support initiatives that empower our youth through the gift of mobility! Together, we’re building a community where every child has the tools they need to thrive.