Re~Cycle Container

16 November 2024 –  Thanks to the generous support of our valued partners at Re-Cycle UK, we’ve just received a container load of used bicycles that will make a world of difference in the communities of Cape Town!

A huge shout-out and heartfelt THANK YOU to our amazing donors, dedicated volunteers, and the fantastic team at Re-Cycle for making this collaboration possible. Your contributions have truly fueled the wheels of change, and together, we’re on a journey to transform lives through the power of bicycles.
This partnership is not just about bikes; it’s about empowerment, connectivity, and creating opportunities for communities to thrive. The impact of these bicycles extends far beyond transportation—they represent freedom, access to education, and improved livelihoods.
With the help of our incredible partners on the ground in Cape Town, these bicycles will be distributed to individuals and organizations working tirelessly to make a positive impact. Whether it’s students traveling to school, healthcare workers reaching remote areas, or entrepreneurs expanding their businesses, each pedal stroke propels us toward a brighter, more connected future.
A heartfelt thank you once again to everyone who played a role in making this happen.  Together, we’re creating a ripple effect of positive change—one bike at a time. Let’s keep the wheels turning and continue to empower communities through the gift of mobility!