On Bike Works – BEC Meshack Nchupetsang in Westlake


Business:  Bicycle repairs/service specialist/bicycle & spares sales/On Bike Tours/On Bike Shop & Fisheries/Airtime & Data

Open:  All week – Monday – Friday (Saturday 9am – 5pm)

Time:  9am – 7pm

Place:  Cnr of Westlake drive & Lynx Way, Westlake

Description:  Bicycle repairs & spares sales.  Shop to grab a bite and drink while waiting.


Red Zone NHW receive bicycles

14 April 2021 – 10 Bicycles were distributed to the Red Zone Neighbourhood Watch in Lotus River. PSTP bicycle distributions continue to improve non motorized transport in the communities.


Bicycles to Mamre

Mamre Root 304 received 25 bicycles on the Provincial Sustainable Transport Programme (PSTP) on Thursday, 18th March 2021. Root 304 educates the youth about the environment, diverse cultures and industrial activities within the Mamre community.

On Bike BEC launches bicycle Tour

On Bike Tours in Westlake launched their bicycle tour on Tuesday the 2 March 2021. This is a tour and opportunity not to be missed! It is a historic inaugural bike tour of Westlake where you get to enjoy the unique township from the comfort of our own saddle (bikes available too)! The community warmly welcomed us as we cruised through the streets visiting the local Enkosi Orphanage and Sangoma along the way. You will also get to ride through to the impressive Norval Foundation Art Museum, visit Steenberg Wine Farm with wine tasting, passing Pollsmoor Prison (where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned) as you pedal your way to Tokai Forest, ending at Eyethu Restaurant in Westlake for some unique African cuisine.
Daily tours have officially commenced. Contact Meshack on 078 279 6460 to secure a booking.

UK Re~cycle delivers to the community again!

Two friends, Nicole Richards and Caitlin William’s on their three wheelers.  Both ladies have grown up with cerebral palsy.  They’ve been friends for over 20 years having attended Bel Porto School in Lansdowne together.  After completing school, they both joined the Village Workshop in Claremont where they’ve worked for the past 11 years.  The Village Workshop is a project of the Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association.  Caitlin’s bicycle was acquired with the help of the Bicycling Empowerment Network (through the Re-Cycle UK container that was donated in May 2021).  The three wheeler provides the stability required for Nicole and Caitlin to enjoy the pleasure of cycling, enabling them to fit in normally with society.

#Bike4Alls have arrived!

Our long awaited shipment of bicycles have arrived.  We were delighted to have Louis de Waal (Founder of BEN) here to lend a helping hand.  These bicycles will be assembled and  distributed through the PSTP Bicycle Distribution to promote sustainable social and economic empowerment. We do this by ensuring a reliable supply of donated and affordable bicycles to disadvantaged communities and institutions.  This programme is run by the Western Cape Government Transport Department in collaboration with Pedal Power Association, Bicycling Empowerment Network and Qhubeka.

Bicycle Safety training

Providing access to bicycles needs to be complemented by rider and safety training. All of our bike distributions are accompanied by appropriate safety training. We also provide safety training to schools and community organisations. We work closely with other organisations, including the Pedal Power Association (PPA) in developing safety training methods and associated materials.


5 Bicycles to Fairmount Secondary School

4 Feb 21 – Fairmount Secondary School in Grassy Park received 5 bicycles on the PSTP Bicycle Distribution Programme. Learns will receive the bicycles on a Learn-to-Earn programme.  The PSTP is a joint partnership with Western Cape Government Transport and Public Works Department, Qhubeka, Pedal Power Association and Bicycling Empowerment Network, improving non motorised transportation in the Western Cape.


February is Environmental Awareness Month

In February, BEN recognises Environmental Awareness Month. We believe that the more cars we can get off the road, the better it will be for the environment.
Cycling requires no petrol or diesel and, therefore, no harmful vehicle emissions or smog are released into the air or the water system when a person is riding his or her bicycle.
Opting to use your bicycle a few times a week, instead of your car, is one of the simplest ways to lower your environmental footprint.

Our Fertile Ground receives 10 Bicycles

9 February 2021 ~ PSTP bicycle Distribution Programme distributes 10 bicycles to Our Fertile Ground based at Rondebosch Common.  Our Fertile Ground cycling program is a multifaceted program that provides the opportunity for children and young adults to be included in something that everyone admires: athletic competition. Most of them have had no one who supports their efforts and struggles through life but Our Fertile Ground brings them into their program and teaches them despite any and all obstacles. They find themselves on the road with cheering supporters and a crowd that believes in them and their success. They learn from accomplishment in a world where very little has been previously offered. Rather than get involved in violence and crime, they are given the opportunity to have an athletic outlet and the love and support of their team.  They allow them to experience progress and success as they finish the bike races that they have prepared for all year long.  Proud PSTP partnership with Western Cape Government of Transport and Public Works, Qhubeka, Pedal Power and BEN.

10 Bicycles for Smart Kingdom Kids Academy

Smart Kingdom Kids Academy in Retreat received 10 bicycles on the PSTP Bicycle Distribution Programme. This children’s program focuses on creativity enhancement for children at risk of entering into gangsterism and drugs.