20 Bicycles for 20 Years!

BEN turns 20! To celebrate this incredible milestone, we’re having a celebration on Thursday 14th July. In partnership with Rotary Club Stellenbosch, PPA safe cycling, False Bay Rugby Club and Open Streets, we’re giving away 20 bikes for each year of BEN!

We’re looking for:

🚲 Nominations: Children’s homes in Cape Town to receive up to five bikes. Follow this link in our bio to nominate:

🚲 Catering: We’re looking to offer party packs for 30 children and tea and coffee for adults.

🚲 Cake: For the celebration (approximately catering for 60 people).

For catering, please drop us a message or give us a call to find out more – or 021 7884174.

Bicycles continue to make a change…

Godfrey is a laryngectomee and is unable to talk, so taking public transport has been difficult in the past. With a bicycle, he has a liberty to travel without relying on communicating any information. The two wheels have empowered him and his family a new found freedom!

Freedom on a bike

Cycling offers a world of freedom. A bike presents a world of reliable transport and fresh perspective.
Robert uses his bike to travel 10km to get to work, a trip that would previously take several taxis, an hour, and up to R1000 a month. Now he saves time, money and has the independence to plan his route, thriving on the convenience of freedom. If he wants to visit someone or stop for groceries, he doesn’t need to plan anything.
Here’s to bikes and the beauty of the convenience they offer! Thanks Rob for your appreciation of the two wheeled machine of freedom, we love to see it!

A Living Tribute to Louis de Waal

Louis de Waal, the family man, the civil engineer, the rugby player, the cyclist, the co-founder of Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN), the Table Mountain man, and the ubiquitous leader of numerous civic and sporting bodies.
This is a testimony to the great living tribute, as part of our celebration of BEN’s 20th anniversary this year!
For the past twenty years, Louis and the team have been building the Bicycling Empowerment Network to where it is today and the journey has been nothing short of incredible. We’d like to thank every single person involved in helping BEN achieve what it has, and we can’t wait to celebrate the next twenty years of empowering the nation through cycling.
If you’d like to found out how to support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Alternatively, visit us at to find out more.

New Hope – Muizenberg

Bikes provide opportunities for transport, fitness, and functional fun. But the opportunities go far beyond the movement. We recently hosted people from New Hope, an NPO that strives to create long-term, sustainable pathways out of homelessness.
Our Mechanical Training programme works to help build confidence and functional skills for those who come through to use practically.  Vuyo, Alex, Luke and Ebrahim took part in the training and excelled. They will also be receiving bikes later this month. We are grateful to be able to partner with organisations like New Hope!

Empowering people on Bicycles!

Gavin can’t imagine a life without cycling. After being gifted his bicycle, he has seen a shift in his life, gaining a new job and a new fresh sense of well-being.
From not knowing where to turn, Gavin now has a job, a mode of transport that saves him R1000 a month on travel costs, and a fresh sense of inspiration. Gavin has said that his bike is his best friend, and it’s given him a brand new sense of independence and confidence.
Brad bought Gavin the bike from On Bike in Westlake. Thanks Brad for supporting Gavin and well done to Gavin, we are so proud!

Happy TWOSDAY! 22-02-2022

Happy TWOSDAY! We can add to the 2’s as BEN turns 20 this month. What better way to celebrate than to DONATE to BEN! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Beat the TAX YEAR END – DONATE – GET YOUR PBO Certificate NOW!

Re-Cycle to the rescue again!

16th February – Thanks to our partners Re~Cycle we have received our 1st container for 2022. We are beyond excited to provide access to opportunities through the use of a bicycle – giving hope and a step up to those who need it most.

Heaven’s Nest delighted with Bike4All BMX’s

We had the absolute pleasure of distributing 18 bicycles to Heaven’s Nest children’s home in Ottery today. Heaven’s Nest mission is to try to alleviate the plight of such children, by providing nurturing care and building self-confidence so that they can be reintegrated into the wider community, free from stigmatisation. To break the cycle of abandonment, abuse and neglect by empowering them to become healthy, happy and well-adjusted adults. This is part of the PSTP bicycle Distribution run by the Western Cape Government – Transport and Public Works, Cape Town in partnership with BEN, Pedal Power Association, Qhubeka Charity and Bike4All.