Re-Cycle UK to the rescue

On 14th June 2021 we received our 1st container load of used bicycles from Re-Cycle UK! We couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you Re-Cycle and Halfords.
Since 2013 Re~Cycle has partnered with Halfords in the UK to collect and donate used bicycles to rural African communities. Millions of bicycles across the UK lie unused in sheds and often end up in landfill. However, these bikes can provide a much-needed lifeline to people in remote parts of Africa to travel to work, school and much more.
More than 60 000 bicycles have been collected and donated across the country.
The bikes sent to Africa provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable means of transport for communities to enable people to work, receive an education, transport food & medicine & learn new skills.

Walk the Talk

Last year Walk the Talk in Bishop Lavis identified a problem in their community as most of their elderly folk found it difficult to collect food during the cold winter months and also during strict COVID19 regulations. Many people were bedridden and unable to look after themselves.
They identified themselves and their problems to the Provincial Sustainable Transport Programme and we were able to supply them with 5 bicycles to help alleviate their current situation. Keep up the good work in Bishop Lavis.

Bicycles continue to combat crime in Gugulethu

On 2nd June we distributed 15 bicycles to the Gugulethu Development Forum NHW on the Provincial Transport Sustainability Programme. The Gugulethu Neighbourhood Watch initially received 12 bicycles through the #bike4all Programme in Oct 2019. This boosted crime-fighting efforts in the Gugulethu community. Crime is one of the main obstacles in Gugulethu and the bicycles have managed to secure trust and visibility in the area, reducing crime. The MCSJ have been commended by fellow community members for their hard work and reliable services, one of those services being delivery of medication to the aged. We were thrilled to be able to distribute an additional 25 bicycles (10 of those distributed in July 2020) to this organization, through the PSTP bicycle distribution – joint partnership with Western Cape Government Transport and Public Works Department, Pedal Power Association, Qhubeka and #Bike4All.

OnBike BEC takes to the streets with a “Westlake Safe Cycling Awareness Ride”

We wrapped up the week on Saturday, 8th May with an On Bike “Westlake Safe Cycling Awareness Ride” in the Westlake community. The law is there to protect cyclists, but the cyclists need to adhere to road safety at all times.
Safe cycling relates to the combination of common sense, road rules and cycling knowledge to get you to and from your destination in a safe and efficient way!
Some points to remember…..
– Check your bike before you head off on your journey
– Wear a helmet
– Wear bright visible clothes
– Adhere to robots and road signs
The roads are there to share with fellow motorists and pedestrians. Be safe!

Proudly partnered with Pedal Power Association Western Cape Government – Transport and Public Works, Cape Town Qhubeka Charity Bike4All Open Streets Cape Town LIFE brand Kirstenhof

Bicycles help Food and Educational Centre Jabulani in Grassy Park

Food and Educational Centre Jabulani in Grassy Park received 21 bicycles on the Provincial Sustainable Transport Programme (PSTP). They provide breakfast and lunch daily to about 500 primary school learners and elderly in the community. Bicycles will also be awarded to scholars who travel long distances to schools each day. This made possible through joint partnership with Western Cape Government Transport Department, Qhubeka, Pedal Power Association, Bike4all and Bicycling Empowerment Network.

United Ulemah Foundation receive 20 Bicycles on the PSTP bicycle distribution

19th May 2021 – 20 bicycles were distributed to United Ulemah Foundation in Lavender Hill. The organisation establish youth development through sports coaching and counseling. The bicycles will support the youth with cycling tours and will be used to deliver food parcels to the community. Joint partnership with Western Cape Government – Transport and Public Works, Bicycling Empowerment Network, Qhubeka Charity, Pedal Power Association and Bike4All

These are not just bikes ……..

Onesimo is based in Crossroads/Philippi. The players come from as far as Khayelitsha, Gugulethu and Mandalay. Many players would jog to training and Onesimo would have to provide taxi fare for their return. This proved a financial strain on the organisation as they didn’t always have petty cash, resulting in many boys missing training. Onesimo contacted The Bicycle Consortium and they were issued with 10 bicycles on the 19th May 2021. Onesimo says “These aren’t just bikes, these will assist us to keep our boys off the streets and on a regular training programme”.

This is pure JOY!

Feel good Tuesday!

This is the the pure joy of a Salt River child who received a funded BIKE4ALL BMX , during a “clean the street” campaign!